Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing & Promotion

If you are interested in developing new quality injury files for your law practice from internet advertising, you should consider joining our Injury Lawyers network - and here's why:

  1. The Canadian Personal Injury Lawyers Network ( has been operating since 2003 providing referrals of injury clients to members of the Network. References are available.
  2. Each member of our Network has exclusive territory. There is no sharing of referrals (one member-lawyer per city). The website is programmed with postal codes linked to our members' email addresses which provides immediate referrals directly to you.
  3. A twelve month trial membership with an option to renew on the same terms allows you to see for yourself just how valuable membership and exclusive referral rights through cpiln can be.
  4. The program includes BOTH a paid ad program in your city to develop injury client referrals for you AND search engine optimization. This has the effect of increasing referrals of potential clients.

If you would like to find out about membership call 1888-6604869.