Slip & Fall Injuries

We've all suffered the embarrassment at one time or another of slipping and falling.

Maybe we've fallen because we didn't see an uneven slab of sidewalk. Or maybe it happened because we didn't see some item that was on the ground like a piece of a banana or some other food. Or perhaps we just weren't paying attention where we were going and missed a step resulting in a fall.

Fortunately most of the time when someone falls there may be more hurt to a person's feelings because witnesses may snicker than any real significant physical injury. But that certainly isn't always the case.

Often when someone slips and falls (or trips for that matter) they can suffer an injury that is quite serious. Sometimes bones are broken from the fall. Sometimes there can be significant impact to the head causing concussion or worse.

Victims of this kind of injury are often entitled to compensation not only for the pain and suffering a slip and fall injury may cause, but also for the medical treatment needed to assist the injured person with the injuries. And any other losses such as lost income also forms part of the slip and fall victim's claim.

But who is responsible for the injury? Who pays all these money damages to the victim? Is there insurance involved?

Generally if the owner of the private property (or if the fall occurred on public property then the governing authority that "owns" the property may be responsible to the victim) was neglient then those money damages become potentially collectible from the owner.

But what does it mean for the owner to be negligent? It means that the owner may have failed or "neglected" to do something they should have done in relation to their property that caused the fall or at least contributed to it taking place.

Maybe there was disrepair that has been ignored for too long by the owner. Maybe the owner allowed debris or litter to accumulate without reasonable effort to remove that debris by properly maintaining the premises. Or perhaps the surface where the fall took place was too slippery or a dangerous material was used in constructing the surface itself.

So there are many questions to answer regarding this issue which determines whether compensation is available for a slip and fall victim and to what extent it is available. Questions that impact some slip and fall claims include these

  1. How long had the dangerous condition been allowed to continue - how long hadn't the owner noticed the problem or done anything to remedy it?
  2. Does the owner follow a routine in maintaining the property and if so how often is that routine conducted (and are there records kept to confirm the frequency)?
  3. If you tripped over an object, how long was it there and who left it there and should it have been removed before the fall took place?
  4. Was there any type of warning in place or should a sign warning of a particular danger have been visible?
  5. Did the lack of light at the area of the fall cause or contribute to the fall taking place and should this have been corrected before the accident by a prudent owner?

Usually in the case of private property there is a policy of insurance purchased by the property owner that protects and covers against slip and fall claims. That way the victim can collect all his or her damages where the fault of the owner can be established from a large insurance company.

Personal Injury lawyers handling these kinds of cases appreciate photographs taken as soon as practical of the area of the slip and fall detailing any defect that caused the fall or contributed to it.

And there are usually strict time limits for claims for slip and fall accidents especially when the accident happens on public property in cases where the claim needs to be advanced against a government agency.

It is always important to contact an experienced Personal Injury lawyer with knowledge regarding slip and fall accident claims as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident takes place. That way all of a victim's rights to compensation can be preserved and nothing is lost because of lateness in making a claim for injury damages.

Our network Personal Injury lawyer has the knowledge needed to advise slip and fall accident victims regarding these issues and offers a free consultation to fully discuss these matters.

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