15 Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident

Many of us spend a lot of time behind the wheel, whether as part of our job or commute, or whether purely for convenience in other aspects of our lives. Driving offers a great deal of personal freedom, and is often a necessity. But with the best will in the world, and no matter how good a driver you are, accidents happen. If one happens to you, what should you do next?

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The opinions expressed here are mine. They may not all be correct in the opinions of others. However they are based on my own experiences gained during a long career practicing law.

I have met and had dealings with a great many injury lawyers. Some would clearly not receive my recommendation as someone to hire as a representative for a seriously injured person. Fortunately, many others would be highly recommended.

So here are some of my thoughts passed along so that you who may be in need of a personal injury lawyer at this time may wish to consider some of the points raised before making a choice on hiring your injury lawyer.
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